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The Stillvettas, an energetic and eclectic group of experienced musicians, possess all of the elements that anyone searching for good music requires - huge, melodic guitars, an extraordinary rhythm section, and a singer who can hit the back wall with his voice. Furthermore, the Stillvettas are songwriters with unique musical inspirations and lyrics that all ring true to the originality of the band.  

The Stillvettas have entranced audiences at various venues including The Wild Buffalo, The Shakedown, Aslan Brewery, and The Firefly while simultaneously mastering the art of Pop Up Shows. Using only a generator, instruments and ambition, they bring incredible performances to the streets of Bellingham. This band is truly one of a kind. ​



The Stillvettas are:

Quinton Rundell - Vocals/ Guitar

Thayne Yazzie - Lead Guitar

Ryan Nutter - Bass

Brenden Bell - Drums

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